Tron Evolution
Wii Platform
Hannah Montana
The Movie (video game)
Lead Animator-
Released December 7, 2010
~ in conjunction with the movie “Tron Legacy”

TRON: Evolution Battle Grids for Wii was designed to be an entirely different game than the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. The idea was to make an arcade game that contained a number of mini-games (grid games) tied together with a storyline set in the Tron world. Early on in the production, the art director was exploring the idea of using a very stylized version of the Tron characters in the same vein as the Mighty Muggs or Legos. In the first minute of this reel you can see this original stylized character. I kind of liked the look, but eventually the decision was made to go with a more human-like character. All the gameplay assets in this project were completely keyframed.
Lead Animator-
Released April 7, 2009
~ in conjunction with “Hannah Montana- the movie”

We relied quite a bit on motion capture data for this project. However, we key=framed quite a bit as well. In particular, I completely keyframed the animal animations and Hannah’s walk and run animations, as well as the skateboarder. All the transitions between locomotion states with Hannah (idle to walk to run), the horse (walk to gallop to leans to jump to gallop to idle to rearing), and the ostrich (idle to walk to run to walk to idle to feed) were created using straight linear blends between the animation clips.