Jim Jackson


Blue Sky Studios, Greenwich, CT

Disney+ (unnamed project), Lead Animator 2020-2021
Lead a small team on an animated short in a currently unnamed Disney+ project; responsibilities included casting shots and being a liaison between the directors, management, and the animators. Also, creating production shots.

Storyboard Artist 2020
Boarded two sequences from the first act of an unreleased feature from director Chris Wedge.

Disney+ story development team 2020
Helped come up with episodic concepts and created individual episodes for currently unnamed Disney+ project.
Responsibilities included originating concepts, storyboarding and 2-D animation.

Spies in Disguise 2016-2019
2-D pre-production tests, art directed mouth shapes, rig evaluations, draw-overs, 3D animation tests and production, Character Lead for Eyes and Ears.

Ice Age: Collision Course 2016
Production animation.

The Peanuts Movie 2015
Production animation, collaborated on concept development and produced final 2-D animation for chalkboard dream.

Ferdinand 2014
Pre-Production only: 2D performance tests for Ferdinand, young Ferdinand, and hedgehogs. 2-D calisthenics tests to inform riggers.

Rio 2 2013
Production animation. Character Lead for Charlie the anteater.

Epic 2010-2012
2-D pre-production tests, rig evaluations, 3D animation tests and production shots, Character Lead for Queen Tara.

Rio 2010
Character production animation.

n-Space, Orlando, FL

TR2N- for Wii, Hannah Montana the Movie-video game, Project Lead Animator 2008-2009
Created animation assets, helped establish the animation pipeline, directed mo-cap shoots, approved animations, and assigned work to the animation team.

Electronic Arts- Tiburon, Orlando, FL

Central Football , Senior Lead Animator 2006-2008
Served as the visual animation lead for the Central Animation team which services all football titles at EA-Tiburon.
Projects included:
NCAA Football 07 (current generation & next generation), NCAA Football 08 (next generation), Madden 07 (current generation & next generation), Madden 08 (next generation), NCAA Football 09, 09Madden 09, NFL Head Coach 09, & NFL Tour.

Madden 06- XBox 360, Senior Lead Animator 2004-2005
I served as the visual lead during Madden’s first port to the next-gen platform.

NFL Street 2, Senior Lead Animator 2004
I served as lead animator on the NFL Street 2 team.

Freelance Animation

Theme Park Pre-Show Animation (Wanda/Pixomondo) 2017
2-D pre-ride instruction for Chinese theme park.

NBA Live ’15, (EA Sports) 2014
Supervised small team of freelance animators to create game-play assets.

Curious George, (
Imagine Entertainment) 2005
Full-length feature film released February 2006. Although uncredited on this 2-D film, I worked on three scenes in the movie, and animated characters Mr. Bloomsberry, Junior, and Ted.

The Incredible Crash Dummies commercial, (Curious Pictures) 2004
Television commercial for the Incredible Crash Dummies toys. It was completed in a tradition 2-D animation style.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes commercial, (Chuck Gamage Animation Studio) 2004
2-D animated Frosted Flakes television commercial for the South American market. Animated a scene of Tony the Tiger kicking a soccer ball.

Farm Force, (Project Firefly Animation Studios) 2004
Animated several scenes on this 2-D animated pilot, done in a limited animation style. This pilot for the
soon to be syndicated series, was shown on Nickelodeon Television Network, and won Nickelodeon’s
Nicktoons’ NextToons- “Viewers Choice Award”.

Stitch’s Great Escape, (Funny Pages Press) 2004
Animated the Grand Councilwoman for the pre-show of the Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom attraction.

Walt Disney Feature Animation- Lake Buena Vista, FL

A Few Good Ghosts, Digital Animator 2003
CG Animator. Worked on all digital characters until the film was halted in November of 2003.

Brother Bear, Supervising Animator 2001-2003
Oversaw the design, animation and clean-up for Kenai (human).

Lilo and Stitch, Supervising Animator 1999-2001
Oversaw the design, animation and clean-up for the Grand Councilwoman.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Animator 1999
Worked on all the animation for the “Tigger Ride” at Tokyo Disneyland. Animated Tigger, Winnie
the Pooh, and Christopher Robin.

How to Haunt a House, Animator 1999
Animated on this short for Disney TV. Worked on classic characters Donald Duck and Goofy.

Tarzan, Animator 1998
Credited as Additional Animation. Animated miscellaneous characters and elephants.

Mulan, Animator 1995-1997
Animated on the character Mulan.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
Animator 1995
Credited as Additional Animation. Animated miscellaneous characters.

Animator 1994-1995
Animated on the Pocahontas’ father, Powhatan.

The Lion King,
Animator 1993-1994
Animated on Young Simba and Young Nala.

Aladdin Video Game, Animator 1992-1993
Animated on Sega Genesis’ Aladdin video game between movies.

Assistant Animator 1992
A Roger Rabbit short. Cleaned-up key drawings on all characters.

Breakdown Artist 1992
Cleaned-up animation on the characters Aladdin and Raja.

Beauty and the Beast,
Breakdown Artist 1991
Cleaned-up animation on the character The Beast.

Off His Rockers, Inbetweener 1990-1991
An experimental animated short combining 2-D and 3-D animation. Cleaned-up animation on
the little boy.

The Columbus College of Art and Design- BFA, Columbus, Ohio