Enhancing Motion Capture
The above movie contains examples that illustrate the principles I adhere to when I work with raw motion capture data. These are all the same principals of animation that I learned about years ago from my mentors at Disney as well as from reading Frank and Ollie’s great book, “The Illusion of Life”.
Mo-Cap Shoot
Jim Jackson ~ October 2006

Vancouver, BC) In my four years at EA, I had the opportunity to participate in five different motion capture shoots at EA’s Canada studio in Burnaby, British Columbia. As part of a small team (usually consisting of the game designer and game producer) I helped direct and provided input from an animators perspective on anything from logistics to performance. I had the privilege of directing the entire “Head Coach 09” session. During day five of our October 2006 shoot, I actually got suited up myself to help out with a few group shots that were needed for some pre-game intro stuff we were doing for Madden 08. At the end of the day, I even got to perform a few touchdown celebrations - easily one of the biggest highlights from my time at EA. In the above video I went “old school” with my impersonation of Billy “White Shoes” Johnson (the father of the touchdown dance) and his famous wobbly-legged TD celebration. It was a fun experience.
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